Word Games & Cerebral Narcs

Knowing The Daffodil

Cerebral narcs are the ones that like to think they are ultra smart. Well, a while back, a friend of mine asked about a new support group they found with the word Daffodil in the name.

Something tickled at the back of my mind, but it took me a bit to get around to double checking. Daffodils are a type of narcissus plant. Yes. There are links between the name of the flower and the name of Narcissus who is linked to the term narcissism.

Word games…

Cerebral narcs love to tell you what they are so covertly that you about miss it.

I thought it was a chance thing until I was watching I, Psychopath. There again were the daffodils.

From part 2 of the documentary I, Psychopath

They are sad in their desperation to be seen, their attempt to be cleaver, and their failure to be anything.

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