Watching I,Psychopath

For those who like to listen to Sam Vaknin, watching the documentary on him, I, Psychopath, is useful. It is 84 minutes in total.

Vaknin is not really much of a narcissist. His personality disorder scores there are fairly low. He does score higher for antisocial and paranoid.

On the other hand, Vaknin does not have normal brain function. His is like but not exactly like a criminal psychopath’s brain function. On the short version of the psychopath test, he got an 18 out of 24. That is right at the cut off. From the footage when he is not controlling the camera, he is not the least bit covert in his abusive behavior. He is definitely a sadistic bully.

Warning: The film is more triggering than Vaknin’s usual YouTube videos, because you see what he is like when he is not getting his way.

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Facebook Warning

When I first posted about this video on Facebook, they marked it as SPAM after two days. The message being that you shouldn’t post YouTube videos Sam Vaknin and his cult members do not like on Facebook.

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